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5 Simple Ways to Achieve an Energy Efficient Home

June 02, 2023 – 5 min read

Are you a homeowner looking to save money on your energy bill?

Then this post is for you.

Rising energy costs and environmental concerns are a significant problem for many homeowners.

But there is a solution that addresses both these issues: Transform your home into an energy efficient home.

Becoming energy smart in your home allows you to decrease your energy bill by making some changes. In addition, you'll actively contribute toward protecting the environment by reducing your energy consumption.

Are you ready to take your energy efficiency journey to the next level? Our team at On The Spot Home Improvements, experts in home remodeling and renovation, can help transform your house into an energy efficient sanctuary. From upgrading insulation and windows to implementing smart home technologies, we specialize in creating sustainable and eco-friendly homes. Visit our website or contact us today to schedule a consultation and embark on your path to a more energy efficient and sustainable home.


What Determines an Energy Efficient Home

Before we move further, let's first understand what an energy efficient home truly is.

Energy efficient homes are designed to minimize energy consumption and promote environmental sustainability. These homes incorporate features and technologies that consume less energy for heating, cooling, and lighting compared to traditional houses. By remodeling their place, homeowners not only enjoy cost savings on their energy bills, but also contribute to the preservation of our planet.


Seal Air Leaks and Insulate Properly

One way to become “energy smart” is by insulating your house properly.
One way to become “energy smart” is by insulating your house properly.

When the skyrocketing energy bills take away your sleep, it's a reminder to address the issue of inadequate insulation and air leakage in your home.

Having a well-insulated home is crucial in New Jersey, a place famous for harsh winters and scorching summers.

Proper insulation helps maintain a consistent temperature indoors and prevents the outside elements from seeping in. Sealing any air leaks and properly insulating your home allows you to enjoy stable temperatures and excellent ventilation. Proper insulation means you'll no longer have to worry about drafts, cold spots, or hot rooms.

Moreover, air sealing ensures that your conditioned air stays inside, avoiding wastage and increasing energy efficiency. As an intelligent homeowner, invest in sealing air leaks to experience enhanced comfort, lower energy bills, and enjoy a healthier living environment.


Upgrade to Energy Efficient Lighting

Rising bills for home lighting and the replacement of light bulbs can be a real hassle. Traditional incandescent bulbs are notorious for their inefficiency and short lifespan. They leave you with a higher energy bill and frequent trips to the store for replacements.

On the other hand, with LED bulbs, you can enjoy up to 80% of energy savings compared to traditional bulbs, which translates into substantial savings on your energy bill. Moreover, energy saving light bulbs are more durable and resistant to breakage, making them a reliable choice for long-term use.

At On The Spot, our experienced professionals know how to handle LED bulb installations. We allocate a workforce that ensures precise and efficient setup. We also provide superior quality energy efficient lighting that maximizes your home's energy savings and creates the perfect ambience at your place.


Optimize Heating and Cooling Systems

Optimize cooling and heating systems for a chance to reduce your energy bill.
Optimize cooling and heating systems for a chance to reduce your energy bill.

As a New Jersey homeowner, you may encounter energy efficiency challenges with your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system due to the region's extreme weather conditions and high humidity levels. A faulty HVAC system can make you feel like you're trapped in a sweltering sauna or stuck in a bone-chilling freezer. Address these factors immediately to reduce energy consumption and ensure long-term sustainability.

One effective solution is to conduct a home energy audit for your HVAC system. This assessment can identify areas of improvement. Additionally, you'll have to choose a service provider in New Jersey, like On The Spot Home Improvements, specializing in HVAC systems and knowing the intricacies of energy efficiency.

Don't let inefficient HVAC systems continue to impact your comfort and increase your energy bills. Instead, take control of your indoor climate, and invest in the best energy efficient HVAC system for your home.


Install a Smart Thermostat

There are some great energy saving devices you can utilize, such as a smart thermostat.
There are some great energy saving devices you can utilize, such as a smart thermostat.

How does the frustration of dealing with inconsistent temperatures and traditional thermostats impact your daily life as a homeowner in New Jersey?

It feels terrible, right? Now, imagine the convenience and peace of mind of installing a smart thermostat. These advanced devices learn your temperature preferences and adapt to your schedule automatically. With smart thermostats, you'll enjoy the convenience of effortless temperature control and significant energy savings.

You may not want to trust any service provider blindly for installation. However, if you contact On The Spot Home Improvements, you can have peace of mind. Knowing that we offer a comprehensive solution, from installation to post-purchase support, ensuring a hassle-free experience with your thermostat.


Insulate Doors and Windows

New Jersey homeowners often face high-energy consumption and rising energy bills due to inefficient doors and windows, leading to discomfort and financial strain. Inconsistent indoor temperatures and excessive heating or cooling demands increase energy expenses. However, homeowners can effectively tackle these issues and improve their home's energy efficiency.

The best insulated windows and doors minimize energy loss and enhance insulation. They achieve this through various features such as low-emissivity (Low-E) glass, multiple panes, gas fills (such as argon or krypton), and insulated frames. These components work together to reduce heat transfer, block drafts, and maintain stable indoor temperatures.

As a trusted provider in New Jersey, On The Spot offers easy servicing for energy saving windows and exterior door insulation. We ensure precise measurements, proper sealing, and efficient installation techniques to maximize energy savings. Using top-quality materials and expert craftsmanship guarantees a tight and secure fit for your new windows and doors, minimizing air leakage and optimizing energy efficiency.


Recap on Energy Saving

Let’s do a quick recap of the five steps:

  1. Seal air leaks and insulate properly.
  2. Upgrade to energy efficient lighting with LED bulbs.
  3. Optimize your heating and cooling systems.
  4. Install smart thermostats for convenience and energy savings.
  5. Use energy efficient doors and windows.

On The Spot Home Improvements is an organization where every involved person is passionate about helping New Jersey homeowners improve their energy efficiency. By implementing these five simple tips, you'll not only enhance your home's comfort, but also save money and contribute to a greener and sustainable future.

Contact us today and schedule a consultation. Start your journey towards a more energy efficient New Jersey home.

Let us show you how small adjustments can make big differences!

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