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Efficient Small Home Remodeling Ideas & Hacks

October 02, 2023 – 5 min read

Our modern, fast-paced era has redefined the very essence of 'home'. Many New Jersey homeowners are ditching expansive estates and generous living spaces in favor of smaller homes. These small homes come with their challenges. However, they also boast numerous advantages, including cost-effective maintenance and a more intimate ambiance.

In New Jersey's expensive real estate market, the wise use of space is crucial. Making the most of tiny living space requires creative thinking and effective small home remodeling ideas. These ideas can improve the usability of your home’s space for better living.

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Make Use Of Every Inch

With a small home, you’ll need to make good use of the space you have. Optimize this available space ingeniously.

When faced with a shortage of horizontal room, capitalize on your vertical space. For example, if you have a compact kitchen, installing vertically stacked cabinets and shelves can be a game-changer.

Stop by your local furniture store, such as IKEA, for inspiration on vertical cabinets and shelves.

Many New Jersey homeowners believe they need to drop the idea of incorporating plants due to the lack of space. Space constraints have deterred plant enthusiasts from adorning their homes with greenery. However, vertical planters and hanging plants allow you to breathe life into your living space without compromising too much on space.

The area under staircases is a great place for storage ideas. Install cabinets to house shoes, umbrellas, and more, smoothly blending functionality and design.


Get Smart With Smart Furniture

One small home remodeling idea is to use a small or foldable dining table.
One small home remodeling idea is to use a small or foldable dining table.

Saving space during a small home remodel is an art, and utilizing smart furniture is a great space-saving idea. Not only does this elevate the visual appeal of your home, creating an illusion of spaciousness, but it can also declutter your floor.

A dining table is a significant piece of furniture. However, it can take up a lot of space, especially in small homes. For a smart furniture solution, installing a foldable dining table can be a great idea. Enjoy meals at your convenience, then stow it away against the wall when not in use.

Similarly, the conventional idea of a bed taking up a substantial portion of a bedroom needs to be addressed. Enter the Murphy bed - an ingenious, wall-mounted design that can be hidden during the day. This allows you to utilize your bedroom for various purposes, such as studying and other activities.


Open The Closet

Another small home remodeling idea is to incorporate an open closet. While it might give a modern vibe, an open closet stands as a stellar space-saving solution for your small home. Organizing your clothes, shoes, and other accessories will be easier as it creates ample room.

If you are thinking about the best place for your closet, we suggest using the bedroom. In this manner, your belongings remain in a private place. Additionally, if you arrange your open closet stylishly, it can add glamour to your bedroom's interior. Modern clothing racks can further elevate this aesthetic, doubling as exceptional furnishings.

When you have less space, allow your creative ideas to win for you.


Add A Mobile Kitchen Island

Adding a peninsula kitchen layout to your small home can save much needed space in your kitchen.
Adding a peninsula kitchen layout to your small home can save much needed space in your kitchen.

A peninsula kitchen layout is a versatile addition. It can provide you with extra workspace, storage, style, and flexibility. But if your island has wheels, you get a lot of functionality along with these benefits.

For small homes, a portable kitchen island is a must. It can act as a kitchen product while cooking and later become a table in the dining area.

Customization is key to tailoring your island to your needs, and consulting a specialist can help you optimize its design. For instance, integrating additional drawers for enhanced storage is a thoughtful customization option.


Embrace Sliding And Pocket Doors

Traditional doors open and close with a full swing, requiring lots of space and posing functionality challenges in a small home. Sliding doors can help you squeeze out extra room and solve this problem. These doors slide over a track, making them ideal for compact living spaces where every inch counts.

These doors are great for hiding private areas and making the space look nicer.

Another option is pocket doors, which offer cost-effective hardware options. Pocket doors ensure you enjoy the advantages of space-saving solutions while keeping your budget in check.


Mount The TV

Consider wall-mounted TV installation to remove the need for a TV stand that takes up floor room.
Consider wall-mounted TV installation to remove the need for a TV stand that takes up floor room.

Today, TV cabinets and entertainment systems have become an integral part of interior decor. However, in smaller living spaces, positioning your TV in the middle of the room can be cumbersome. While placing your TV in a cabinet keeps it safe from kids, it can eat away at some valuable space.

For small homes, a wall-mounted TV unit design is the perfect solution. This design can save you a lot of space to use for other purposes. If you choose a wall-mounted cabinet, ensure the material's color and texture fit with your living room's palette.

Home improvement stores might have the ideal wall mount for your TV. However, online retailers such as Amazon typically offer a wider selection.


Try Customized Solutions

Aside from these small home remodeling ideas, tailoring adjustments to align with your lifestyle and home's layout is crucial. It's all about finding customized remodeling solutions that complement your way of living.

As choices differ from person to person, not all online remodeling tips may align with your specific small home. Therefore, calling seasoned experts with a wealth of experience in this domain is important. Their expertise ensures seamless implementation, tailored precisely to your needs and requirements.


Your New Jersey Remodelers

In your New Jersey home, quality time with family is paramount. Using the small home remodeling tricks as mentioned above, you can create and utilize additional space in your home.

Home remodeling is an elaborate task, requiring precision and expertise. Hiring the right New Jersey remodelers is vital to translate your vision precisely. Otherwise, a small miscalculation or wrongdoing can create unfavorable consequences.

For a flawless transformation, we strongly recommend reaching out to our experts at On The Spot Home Improvements. Share your small home remodeling aspirations and witness impeccable execution. Take the first step towards your small home remodel today.

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