What is a floating deck?

A floating deck, also known as a freestanding or detached deck, is a versatile and attractive outdoor structure that is not directly attached to a house or any other building. Unlike a traditional attached deck, a floating deck is built independently, offering greater flexibility in design, placement, and function, making it a popular choice for various outdoor spaces.

One of the primary advantages of a floating deck is its ease of installation. Since it does not require connecting to a building's structure, there are fewer complexities in the construction process. This feature allows homeowners to save time and resources during the building phase. Also, floating decks do not typically require deep foundations; they rely on deck blocks or a similar support system for stability.

Floating decks are an excellent option for uneven or sloped terrain since they can be constructed to follow the contour of the land. This flexibility makes creating a level surface for outdoor activities possible, even in areas where a traditional deck might not be feasible. On the Spot Home Improvements specializes in designing and building custom floating decks to accommodate our client's unique needs and preferences.

Another benefit of floating decks is their versatility. They can be built in various shapes and sizes to suit different purposes, such as creating an outdoor dining area, a space for lounging, or even a platform for a hot tub. Floating decks can also be relocated with relative ease if desired, allowing homeowners to change their outdoor layout as their needs evolve.

In summary, a floating deck is a detached outdoor structure that offers flexibility in terms of design, placement, and function. They are easy to install, well-suited for uneven or sloped terrain, and can be adapted to various uses. By working with a reputable New Jersey home remodeling company like On the Spot Home Improvements, you can enjoy a custom floating deck that enhances your outdoor living experience.

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