blog-post-header-image5 Ways to Elevate Your New Jersey Patio for Spring & Summer

5 Ways to Elevate Your New Jersey Patio for Spring & Summer

April 26, 2024 – 5 min read

With the coming of the vibrant seasons of spring and summer, the time is now to start transforming your patio into a relaxing outdoor retreat. With these warmer seasons, your outdoor space should serve as a place to sit back, enjoy the sun, and unwind in the beauty of nature. Whether you're dreaming of a cozy outdoor kitchen, a shaded pergola retreat, or a revamped deck for fresh-air dining, now is the best time to make it happen.

What kind of outdoor transformations can you envision? Perhaps lush greenery pouring from hanging baskets, or a gentle glow of soft lights illuminating the ground. Even simple updates can work wonders and make your New Jersey space much more enjoyable.

To make the most of your outdoor retreat, check out these five creative ways to elevate your New Jersey patio for the warmer months ahead!


Add a Touch of Greenery

A simple way to bring the freshness of spring and summer in New Jersey to your outdoor living space is by adding touches of greenery throughout. While you might have an assortment of plants and flowers to choose from, consider those that are native to the New Jersey area, as they will thrive best. This includes:

  • Ferns
  • Hydrangeas
  • Azaleas

Next, decide how you will incorporate this greenery. Hang colorful flower baskets from a pergola or awning to add vertical interest and a pop of color. Place potted plants around your patio to soften edges and define spaces. You could also create a mini herb garden in decorative planters, which also provides you with some fresh herbs! When you get creative, the possibilities are endless.


Upgrade Patio Furniture

Along with other transformations, upgrading your patio furniture is essential for creating a comfortable outdoor living space. Choose furniture that can withstand the elements and complement the overall appeal of your space.

Consider durable materials for outdoor furniture, such as teak, cedar, or weather-resistant wicker. With New Jersey's varying weather in the spring and summer, it's important to get patio furniture that will last through the sunny days and the occasional rainy days. Cushioned seats with UV-resistant fabrics are also a practical option, as they ensure both comfort and longevity.

Home improvements stores such as Home Depot offer a range of beautiful outdoor furniture.

For dining areas, try a sturdy and stylish dining set that accommodates family gatherings and outdoor entertainment. Colorful outdoor pillows, throws, and rugs all add some personality and warmth to your space.


Create a Cozy Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens in New Jersey offer a cozy place to relax and sizzle up delicious meals in the fresh air!
Outdoor kitchens in New Jersey offer a cozy place to relax and sizzle up delicious meals in the fresh air!

Imagine sizzling up delicious meals while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. With help from On The Spot Home Improvements, you can turn this dream into a reality within your tailored preferences and style. Our team specializes in designing and installing custom outdoor kitchens in New Jersey. Talk to an expert today and see how we can help.

Some things to consider before designing your new outdoor kitchen are:

Functionality and style: our experts can help you find a balance between comfort and function while suiting your cooking needs and aesthetic preferences. Appliances: From grills and smokers to refrigerators and sinks, our experts can seamlessly integrate high-quality appliances into your outdoor kitchen setup. Countertops: Durable and weather-resistant countertops are essential. For this, consider materials like granite, quartz, or concrete to enhance functionality and add to visual appeal.

Lighting and electrical: Don't forget to illuminate your outdoor kitchen with strategic lighting solutions and ensure proper electrical connections to all appliances.

By partnering with On The Spot Home Improvements, you can create that cozy outdoor kitchen that makes any outdoor activity fun and relaxing.


Choose Decorative Lighting

Let's talk more about lighting. There are several ways you could decorate your patio with lights as the sun sets over the Garden State. It all depends on your personal preferences.

One option is to drape string lights across pergolas or wrapped around trees to create a cozy and inviting space. Solar-paneled pathway lights can guide guests to your patio while highlighting wonderful landscape features. For some added drama, install LED spotlights to showcase focal points around your outdoor space.

If you prefer to shop online, sites like Amazon have a large selection of outdoor lighting to choose from.

Incorporate lanterns, sconces, or pendant lights to add personality and style to your area. Make sure to choose fixtures that will complement your existing outdoor design and withstand the elements of New Jersey weather.


Upgrade Your Deck

Upgrading your deck can be essential for your new outdoor oasis. It can be a centerpiece for gatherings and other outside activities in New Jersey.
Upgrading your deck can be essential for your new outdoor oasis. It can be a centerpiece for gatherings and other outside activities in New Jersey.

Another way to enhance your outdoor space is by upgrading your deck. With the help of On The Spot Home Improvements, you can have a new, well-designed deck for the coming warm months.

Our decking services are tailored to meet the unique demands of New Jersey homeowners. We provide professional assistance from design to installation.

First, choose how you want to design your new deck. Collaborate with our team of experts to design a deck layout that maximizes space and complements your home's architecture. Next, consider the material you'll use. Again, durability and weather-resistance should be primary factors in your decision. Composite, PVC, or natural wood options like cedar or redwood are all great options.

Don't forget deck maintenance and repairs. Over time, your deck might start to show signs of damage. Therefore, it's important to stay on top of maintenance and repairs. Thankfully, On The Spot Home Improvements offers these services along with our deck installations.


What's Next?

As you prepare to design your dream patio for the coming warm months in New Jersey, now is the perfect time to reshape your outdoor living space with these five inspiring ideas. Whether it's a lush garden, new patio furniture, a cozy new outdoor kitchen, exceptional lighting, or an upgraded deck, On The Spot Home Improvements is here to help.

From enhancing your patio with decorative lighting to improving your deck with durable material, our team is dedicated to transforming your outdoor area into a relaxing and inviting space for family and guests. And it doesn't stop there. Our team also helps with portico designs, pergola installations, and much more.

Once you have some ideas, contact On The Spot Home Improvements so we can get started on your new outdoor oasis. See how our experts can bring your vision to life.

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