blog-post-header-imageCreating a Fresh Start for Spring: Your New Portico

Creating a Fresh Start for Spring: Your New Portico

April 05, 2024 – 6 min read

As the cold of winter fades and spring arrives in New Jersey, many New Jersey homeowners take this opportunity to breathe new life into their homes. The fresh air and blooming flowers lead many to consider new renovations to their NJ homes for a fresh start to the new season. And it all begins at the entrance, with the addition of a new portico.

Front porticoes are the gateways to our homes in New Jersey. They are often the first aspect noticed about a house when arriving. More than just design, however, porticoes offer a welcoming embrace for guests to step into an inviting home. A portico provides shelter from the occasional spring shower, and shade from the warming sun. Simply put, it can set the stage for a grand entrance to your New Jersey home.

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Reasons to Build a New Portico

In the busy neighborhoods and stylish suburbs, New Jersey homeowners understand the need for a home that offers aesthetic and functionality. They need a home that not only stands out but also offers protection from the elements, among other benefits.

Some reasons why NJ homeowners should consider a portico are:

  • A defined entrance ensures that your home doesn't blend in with the sprawling neighborhoods of New Jersey. Porticoes stand out and guide visitors directly into your residence, adding a touch of visual appeal and making a great first impression.
  • Weather protection offered by porticoes shields you and your guests from the ranging elements of a New Jersey Spring. Whether it's rain, snow, or the scorching sun, a portico has you covered.
  • An increased home value also comes with a new portico. Potential buyers are often drawn in by a well-designed entrance, making porticoes a worthy investment for homeowners who may eventually sell their home.

Whether you're looking for an added visual appeal, improved functionality, or simply more value in your home, a portico can make it happen.


Custom Portico Designs

Porticoes come in many different designs throughout New Jersey.
Porticoes come in many different designs throughout New Jersey.

New Jersey is known for its architectural diversity. This gives NJ homeowners a wide range of choices when it comes to portico designs that will complement the existing style of their homes. One popular choice in the Garden State is the colonial-style residence. These homes often feature traditional porticoes with square columns and pediment roofs. The intricate details of the colonial style offer a sense of timeless elegance. 

Alternatively, modern styles of homes in New Jersey offer a sleek and minimalist portico design. These modern designs blend well with clean lines, flat or slightly sloped roofs, and slender columns. The minimalistic approach of the modern design gives any New Jersey home that contemporary flair.

Another option is the Mediterranean design. Portico designs here capture the warmth and romance of the Mediterranean coast. Think of arched openings, wrought iron detail, and terracotta accents that give guests a sense of relaxed luxury as they step into your home.

Craftsman-style homes are another popular option in New Jersey. These designs embrace craftsmanship and authenticity. A low-pitched roof, tapered columns, and exposed wooden beams reflect the rustic beauty that goes hand-in-hand with the craftsman aesthetic.

These are some of the most popular residential designs in New Jersey. Need some additional inspiration for your portico? Check out sites like Pinterest, where portico inspirations are endless.


Portico Maintenance Tips for Spring

Once your new portico has been installed, you'll want to consider some of these maintenance tips to keep it looking fresh. Here are some essential portico maintenance tips for springtime in New Jersey:

First, inspect your portico for any winter damage from the cold season. Now that spring has breathed new life into New Jersey, it's best to make sure your portico is up to par. Look for signs of rot, decay, or any structural issues that may have occurred over winter. Focus on your roofing material, columns, and supporting structures.

Next, give your portico a good clean by removing any debris. Over winter, twigs, leaves, and dirt can accumulate on the portico's surfaces. Also, clean out gutters and downspouts to prevent potential water damage.

Spring is a prime time for pests like insects and rodents, so give your portico a good inspection for them. Chew marks, nests, and droppings are all signs that an infestation may need to be dealt with.

Moisture infiltration is another concern. Ensure that your portico is properly sealed and waterproofed to protect against this. A fresh coat of sealant or waterproofing solution on surfaces like wooden columns or decking is a suitable option.

Lastly, trim back any overgrown vegetation around your portico. Homeowners in the Garden State love their outdoor greenery. However, it should be checked up on seasonally. Overgrown vegetation can not only block your beautiful portico design, but it can also encroach and cause some damage. Keep brushes, shrubs, and trees pruned at a safe distance from your portico.


Additional Portico Decorations

Get creative with your portico decorations! Consider hanging wreaths on the front door or having greenery nearby, as with this portico.
Get creative with your portico decorations! Consider hanging wreaths on the front door or having greenery nearby, as with this portico.

Now that you've decided on your portico design, it's time to think about ways to decorate your new portico. This is where you can get creative; what types of decorations will complement both your portico and overall house design? While you can come up with your own, we've laid out a few popular options.

One great way to embrace the freshness of spring blooms is to incorporate fresh flowers and greenery into your portico. Hang floral wreaths on the door, place potted flowers along the steps, or arrange colorful bouquets to add a pop of color and touch of spring to your home's entrance.

Natural materials pair well with greenery and the sense of spring. These can be woven baskets, wooden crates, or terracotta pots to add a rustic touch. Fill baskets with freshly picked flowers or seasonal produce, display potted herbs or succulents, and hang bird feeders or wind chimes to attract local wildlife for a more natural feel. If you enjoy DIY projects, you can even design some natural materials of your own. Try a home improvement store like Home Depot for building materials and let your creativity flow!

Don't forget about lighting. Soft ambient light can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. This can be done by hanging string lights or lanterns overhead, or placing candles or solar-powered lanterns on tables or ledges. Sconces and wall-mounted fixtures can cast a warm glow on your outdoor space during the evenings.


Wrap Up

As spring blossoms in New Jersey, your new front portico stands as a welcoming gateway to the beauty and freshness of the season. Porticoes offer a defined entrance to your residence, guiding guests into a cozy atmosphere. They can also be designed and decorated in numerous ways, fitting your personal preferences and matching with your home's design that will even increase the value of your home.

Ready to get started on your new portico? Reach out to On The Spot Home Improvements and see how our experts can help get you started.

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